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Adoptions of Problems in Introductory Physics

Adoptions of Light and Matter

Colleges and Universities
High Schools

Adoptions of Mechanics

Colleges and Universities
High Schools

Adoptions of Simple Nature

Adoptions of Special Relativity

Adoptions of Conceptual Physics

Adoptions of Discover Physics

Adoptions of Fundamentals of Calculus

Within each section above, schools are listed in reverse chronological order of adoption. Since the books are free, I don't necessarily find out when someone stops using the books, so as you go down each list, the chance that the school is no longer using them gets higher. If you happen to know that one of these listings is out of date, please let me know.

Alignment with California Standards

Light and Matter is aligned with California state content standards for high school physics (pdf), and is one of 18 texts listed by the California Free Digital Textbook Initiative for use in public high schools.