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Scope is a time- and frequency-domain software oscilloscope for unixlike operating systems such as linux and FreeBSD.

To install the program, first download and unpack the file scope.tar.gz, then unpack it using the command tar -zxf scope.tar.gz, then do cd scope_dist and follow the instructions in the manual page, which is reproduced at the bottom of this web page.

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man page

scope(1)                          scope 0.4.0                         scope(1)

       Scope - a software oscilloscope for time and frequency domains

       Scope should run on any unixlike system, such as linux or FreeBSD. It
       depends on the gtk2-perl library, which can be installed on a Debian or
       Ubuntu system by doing:

               sudo apt-get install libgtk2-perl

       Then install Scope itself by doing:

               sudo make install

       Frequency mode will not work unless you also have the Math::FFT library
       installed. For convenience, a copy of this library is packaged with
       Scope and is installed automatically if you don't already have a copy

       To run the program, just type "scope" at the command line. It starts up
       in frequency mode by default, displaying a sound spectrum from the
       microphone input (/dev/dsp on a unixlike system). If you get an error
       starting up the program in recent versions of Linux (e.g., Ubuntu
       10.10), try using the command "aoss scope" to start it. Some versions
       of Linux, ubuntu 10.04 in particular, seem to have totally broken OSS
       support, and therefore will not work at all. To get aoss on ubuntu, you
       may need to install the ubuntu package alsa-oss.

       In either frequency mode or time mode, you can click on the Freeze/Go
       button to freeze the display, and then again to start collecting data
       again. The Frequency/Time button toggles back and forth between
       frequency mode and time mode.

       In frequency mode, the x axis is frequency and the y axis is the
       absolute value of amplitude.  You can switch the y axis between linear
       and log scale by clicking on Log/Linear Y.  You can change the
       frequency region that's displayed either by using the Zoom In and Zoom
       Out buttons or by clicking on the graph to get an extreme close-up of
       that region and then clicking again to see everything.

       Time mode is currently very primitive. In time mode, there is no
       control over the x and y scales, and no provision for triggering.

       Scope was written by Ben Crowell,  It incorporates some sample
       code by perlmonks user zentara at

       Copyright (C) 2010 by Benjamin Crowell.

       Scope is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
       the terms of the GPL, or, optionally, Perl's license.

       For copyright information on Math::FFT, see

0.4.0                             2012-12-09                          scope(1)