Licensing for Ben Crowell's Fiction

All the fiction listed here is available under the following licensing scheme. Each licensing option goes into effect a certain amount of time after publication, and you get to choose from among the ones that are in effect as of a certain date. The period of exclusivity referred to below is the one required by my contract with the magazine that first published it: 1 month for Asimov's, 60 days for Strange Horizons, zero for Baen's Universe. My contracts with Asimov's also state that I have to maintain a notice saying that the story was originally published in Asimov's, so please retain such a notice on all copies.

  1. The the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license applies, once the exclusivity period is over.
  2. The following license (based on a proposal by Cory Doctorow) also applies after the exclusivity period. You are free to create commercial works derived from this one, provided that you remit, on an annual basis, 20 percent of the gross income arising from your sales to Benjamin Crowell, 2233 Loma Alta Dr., Fullerton, CA 92833, USA. As a condition of this license, your work must prominently bear the words: This work is created under the terms of a self-service license given at Benjamin Crowell, the original creator from whom this work is derived, has not reviewed or approved it, though he is compensated for its sale.
  3. In the spirit of the Creative Commons Founders' Copyright project, the Creative Commons CC-Zero license applies, starting 28 years after publication.