Concours de récitation poétique: Directions and parking information

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Try to arrive 15 minutes before your start time in order to park, pay for parking, and make your way to the Music building.


The contest takes place in the Choral Room of the Music Building, MUS 149. On the map below, the Music Building is labeled "2" and "2A." MUS 149 is directly between the numbers "2" and "2A" on the map -- the room is most easily entered from the outside of the building, on the courtyard side. Looking at the map, you want to end up in the shaded area between the buildings labeled 1/1A and 2/2A.


We know that students have many demands on their time; if they wish to bring homework and/or bring or get something to eat between their level and the raffle or awarding of prizes, there are picnic tables in the courtyard and a food court in the Golden Eagle, building 6.

PARKING - payment required

The best place to park is on the top level of Parking Structure C (in blue, near the top of the map below). When driving, turn onto Circle Drive, and then turn left into the top level of parking structure C. You should be in the open air, NOT within the parking structure. If this level is full, you can enter the structure and drive down to the BOTTOM level 1. Level 2 is reserved for faculty and you may be ticketed.
On both the top and the bottom level, there are yellow machines where you must pay for parking. The prices vary by time; 4 hrs is $3 and all day is $6. We expect to be completely done by 2 pm including time for pictures. Once you have your parking ticket, you must place it on your dashboard.

In the unlikely event that both levels in Parking Structure C are full, visitor parking is also available in structures A and B. Consult for more information. There is a Welcome Center kiosk as you enter campus (grid E1 on the map below, Campus Road/Paseo Rancho Castilla) if you need further assistance, information on disabled parking, etc.

Getting from the parking structure to MUS 149

Exit the top level of parking structure C and cross Circle Drive. Turn left. Almost immediately, you will come to a small parking lot (parking lot 6). The building right behind that lot is the Music building. If you walk through the parking lot and to the right side of the building, you will see a set of stairs heading up diagonally -- if you take those stairs you will end up directly in the courtyard described above. If you cannot handle stairs, simply continue along Circle Drive until you get to the next set of stairs -- these also have a handicapped ramp. Go up those; King Hall (building 3) is now on your left, and the Music Hall (building 2) on your right. Go around the outside of the Music building until you get to the courtyard.

The address of Cal State LA is 5151 State University Dr. Los Angeles 90032. Additional maps and parking information can be found at

Cal State L.A. campus map
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