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M7, Ptolemy's Cluster, in Scorpius
A map of the star field. Magnitudes are given without a decimal point, e.g. 67 is to be interpreted as magnitude 6.7.

A glorious highlight of the summer sky through binoculars. Very bright, and easily seen even from urban areas. A rich central area containing a prominent cross shape is surrounded by a looser sprinkling of stars in a witch's hat configuration.

60-degree field of view

Data (Janes, Duke, and Lynga, 1987)
RA 17 54
dec -34 49
total V magnitude 3.3
NGC number 6475
Trumpler class I 3 r
angular diameter 80'
distance 240 pc
age (Myr) 130
integrated B-V .15
observed stars 54
earliest sp. class B8
brightest star 7.0

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