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M41, an open cluster in Canis Major
A map of the star field. Magnitudes are given without a decimal point, e.g. 67 is to be interpreted as magnitude 6.7.

How to Find It
Starting from Sirius, follow the backbone of Canis Major down to the distinctive triplet of stars, then 2 degrees off to the right to a 6th magnitude star, shown in the star field map below and to the left of the cluster.

Northern-hemisphere observers in light-polluted areas should only attempt this one when it is as high as possible above the horizon.

60-degree field of view

Data (Janes, Duke, and Lynga, 1987)
RA 06 47
dec -20 44
total V magnitude 4.5
NGC number 2287
Trumpler class I 3 r
angular diameter 39'
distance 642 pc
age (Myr) 20
integrated B-V .39
observed stars 69
earliest sp. class B3
brightest star 8.0

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