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The Hyades open cluster in Taurus
A long-exposure photographic image of the Hyades, clipped from the image of Taurus in the Deep Photographic Guide to the Constellations. Copyright Sven Kohle and Till Credner. The scale is about 35 pixels per degree, which corresponds to a magnification of about 3 at a typical viewing distance fromt the screen. A map of the star field, with a 10-degree field of view. Magnitudes are given without a decimal point, e.g. 67 is to be interpreted as magnitude 6.7.

How to Find It
The head of the constellation Taurus, above and to the right of Orion's right shoulder.

Both a naked-eye object and a subject for binoculars.

RA=12 25, dec=+26
integrated magnitude=1.8

60-degree field of view

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