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Possible Problems with Java

If you're having problems running one of the Java applets on my site, the reason is probably one of the following:

  • You have Java applets disabled in your browser. (This is the default in Internet Explorer for MacOS X.) Solution: reenable them in your browser's preferences file.
  • You're running an old version of Netscape on an old version of MacOS, so you don't have Java 1.1 support. Solution: upgrade.
  • Microsoft has been going through legal wrangling about whether to include a working version of Java with Windows. Solution: download appropriate software, or switch to a better operating system.

    I have run my applets successfully with the following combinations of operating systems and browsers:

    • MacOS 8+ and Internet Explorer 4.0
    • MacOS 9 and Mozilla 0.9.3
    • Linux and Mozilla 1.4 alpha
    • Linux and Konqueror 2.2.2
    • Windows 95 and Netscape 4.5
    • Windows 95 and Internet Explorer 4.0
    • Windows 95 and Sun's Hot Java browser

    The following combinations do not work because they do not implement Java 1.1 properly:

    • Windows and Netscape 4 or earlier
    • MacOS and Netscape 4.72 or earlier

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Hubble Space Telescope deep field courtesy of STScI.