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syllabus for Physics 205, spring 2015
syllabus for Physics 210, spring 2015
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homework printout for Physics 210

how to get the books

You can buy the book from the FC Bookstore, or download it for free from this web site. You'll also need to download the lab manual and print it out. I'm the author of the book. I do not receive any royalty from sales of the book. You can choose to download the book for free and print it yourself, but you typically don't save any significant amount of money that way, and what you get is a big, thick, unbound stack of single-sided output.

free books for math review

trig: Corral, Trigonometry

calculus: Robbin and Angenent, First-Semester Calculus

about the class

The Physics 205/206 and 210/211 sequences are intended for biology majors. If you're an engineering major, you should be in Physics 221. If you just need a gen ed class, you should be in Physics 130.

Physics 205/206 satisfies your physics requirement if you're a biology major transferring to a Cal State. The prerequisites for 205 are Math 141 (precalculus) and Math 142 (trig).

Physics 210/211 satisfies your physics requirement if you're a biology major transferring to a UC (or a Cal State). The prerequisites for 210 are Math 141 (precalculus) and Math 142 (trig), and the corequisite is Math 150A (calculus). Some DPT programs apparently want 210 rather than 205. For engineering technology (not a straight engineering degree), you may need 210. Chapman requires Phys 107/108 for biology majors, and Phys 107 has a first-semester calc prerequisite (not a coreq like our 210); if you're transferring to Chapman in biology, you should probably get clarification from them on what they'll accept. Computer science departments at UC may want 221. UC Berkeley Optometry and Ketchum University (formerly Southern California College of Optometry) will take 205/206 or 210/211; You also need to take a semester of calculus, but you don't need a calculus-based physics course. Western University's dental school will take 205/206 or 210/211.


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